Modern caries treatment

"He has not bored at all" - that is nothing unusual today. Because the possibilities of gentle dental treatment are more and more advanced - and they take many people the fear that is especially great before drill and anesthetic injections. Even today, there are gentle alternatives that still have to withstand scientific scrutiny: Dentists remove tooth decay with compressed air and a special gel, treat sick teeth with ozone gas and use a stun instead of a syringe - without a needle.

oral examination

Healthy teeth and less anxiety in the patient: These are the pleasing effects of medical innovations. Even early detection and diagnosis are better today and more pleasant for the patient than ever before. For example, there are modern X-ray devices that cause reduced radiation exposure.

For examinations in the mouth, the dentist can use a digital oral camera. So he maps the situation in the dentition of the patient on a screen and both can discuss the pending treatment together. The patient feels better involved and less exposed to the work of the dentist. He knows the starting situation and can better assess the following individual treatment steps.

With compressed air and gel against tooth decay

A new system from the United States, which removes tooth decay with the help of compressed air: tiny particles of a medical drug are brought precisely to the tooth surface under compressed air. The particles simply spray the carious site away.

In contrast, a method developed in Sweden uses a special gel instead of a drill, which often also removes healthy tooth substance. The gel is applied to the carious area and softens the caries. Then it can be easily scrape off with a hand-held device.

Both models are intended to provide a silent and painless treatment and make the visit to the dentist more pleasant. Whether the methods have the same benefits as the conventional caries removal, must be further examined.

Ozone as a caries killer

The active oxygen ozone is another alternative in caries treatment. Small damage from fissure or root caries can be eliminated with this method. The site to be treated is first carefully cleaned and then fumigated with ozone for a few seconds. The effect: The ozone penetrates the caries and kills the microorganisms contained therein - with no negative side effects, because the gas is sucked off immediately to create a vacuum again.

Then the actual repair begins: a mineralizing paint is applied. Thus, the carious site is not removed or drilled, it is rather cured by the paint and can remain in the tooth. The success of this method is currently not sufficiently scientifically proven.

Syringe without needle

Meanwhile, the needle-free injection of narcotics is even possible: For the otherwise quite painful injection in the anterior teeth a stick has been developed, which brings the anesthetic by pressure under the mucous membrane. The patient feels only a short knock, no puncture.

Sometimes a syringe is inevitable, such as root canal treatments. But here too there is help: A computer-controlled anesthetic system minimizes pain when inserting the needle into deeper tissue layers. For this, the system measures the resistance of the tissue and then delivers only as much anesthetic solution as is needed to anesthetize the area around the needle tip. Thus, the needle makes its way into the tissue in advance virtually painless.

Minimally invasive techniques

The minimally invasive filling therapy is much gentler and therefore less painful than the classical method. The reason: Only very small cavities are drilled and thus more healthy tooth substance is obtained than with comparable forms of therapy. In addition, this technique also significantly improves the visual and functional design of the filling.

The substance-saving and defect-related approach places high demands on the skill and equipment of the dentist. The same applies to gum treatments, where microscopic techniques reduce the size of the procedure and the postoperative swelling, and thus also the pain.

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