Stop smoking - 12 tips

Not an easy task to quit smoking! Not only does smoking create a physical dependence. Much more difficult for many is the mental habituation. Many everyday situations are associated with smoking in such a way that the smoker can not imagine how he should survive these situations without smoking. Often, the actually bad habit also fulfills social functions, is associated with socializing and relaxed breaks - or is supposed to be the appropriate means to counteract stress and psychologically stressful situations. Here are 12 effective tips for the road to freedom.

12 tips for smoking cessation

How to quit smoking and feel good about it:

  1. Set a date - it is easiest to stop from one day to the next, so as not to increase the importance of cigarettes. Choose a day within the next two to three weeks.
  2. Dare to distract yourself and not think about smoking! Banish all smoking utensils!
  3. Drink as much as possible; Always have a glass of water or juice and sip from time to time. Also change the taste.
  4. The human psyche is corruptible and wants short-term positive consequences! Benefit from the money you would otherwise have spent on cigarettes to reward yourself with something special!
  5. Move more, do sports! Physical activity relaxes, lifts the mood, is healthy, distracts and prevents slight weight gain! So kill multiple birds with one stone for a double-healthy life!
  6. Also, look for a healthy, well-balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables - if you are overly hungry for sweet, grab sugar-free chewing gum or sugar-free sweets.
  7. Avoid situations that connect you to smoking! For example, instead of drinking coffee, you'd rather have a cup of tea and avoid lounges that smoke a lot!
  8. If the desire comes over you, consciously turn your attention to something else! It does not help to imagine how beautiful something is that you really do not want to do anymore! So, rather, focus your thoughts on something beautiful that you can do with a good conscience and with all your heart. Cravings take only a short time and pass - whether you smoke or not!
  9. Become aware of the importance of withdrawal symptoms! Your body signals to you that it is well on the way to recover from the burdens of smoking and to cleanse yourself! Look forward to it! In addition, these side effects usually disappear after a short time.
  10. To facilitate the weaning process, the nicotine from the cigarette can be replaced by the nicotine drug. This nicotine replacement therapy alleviates the withdrawal symptoms. Let your pharmacist advise you!
  11. Stay firm! No good or bad news or humor will allow them to smoke "just one cigarette" - one does not exist, they will soon want "one" and one more.
  12. Enjoy each day fully aware that they are free and no longer need cigarettes! Every single day is good for your health, your fellow human beings and your wallet - you can be proud of yourself.

Stabilization is important

Once the cessation of smoking has been achieved, it is important to stabilize your success so that you do not relapse again. When the withdrawal is over, you should try to incorporate the new patterns of behavior without cigarettes into everyday life. This also succeeds by incorporating your environment. Reward yourself for your achievements and be proud of what you have achieved - you will live much healthier from now on!

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