Healthy work on the screen

Working and surfing on a PC, laptop or tablet - an activity that has long since established itself in both private and professional life. The computer is often at the heart of everyday office life today. Millions of people watch daily for several hours in front of the screen. In order to avoid tension in the shoulders and neck, back problems, headaches or difficulties with the eyes, proper handling of the PC is a prerequisite. What is to be considered?

Posture at the screen work:

  • When working, make sure that you are not sitting too close to the screen. The distance from the eye to the monitor should be 50 cm.
  • The chair must have an adjustable seat height and backrest.
  • Keyboard and screen should be in line, so that the head does not have to be constantly rotated.

Spatial conditions:

  • The room should be evenly lit, the light should not be reflected on the screen.
  • The monitor should best be placed parallel to the window.
  • The eyes tolerate daylight better than artificial light, so use daylight as much as possible. Protect yourself from strong light with a sunscreen.
  • Smooth surfaces dazzle additionally, so choose office furniture with a matte finish.
  • Avoid noise and noise in your workplace, because too much noise can lead to mental and organic disorders.
  • The room temperature should ideally be 21 degrees Celsius, the humidity 50 to 65%. Too often, the air in the office is too dry, which quickly leads to dry mucous membranes and, as a result, infection can be more easily achieved. In addition, ventilate the room at regular intervals.

Optimal settings on the device:

  • To prevent glare and reflections, the screen should be slightly tilted.
  • Make sure your screen is clean otherwise the eye will be overused.

Take enough breaks!

  • Your eyes always need a short break. It's best to look out of the window and to a distant destination.
  • Get up often and relax your back muscles.
  • Also relieve your hand that guides the mouse. Constant clicking and rolling up and down easily leads to cramping in the hand, arm or even shoulder.
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